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My interest seem to be none-existent, or just not enough people into it to make its own community. Or possibly, they are Jap sites, therefor I can not read and navigate through shit.

I like Bruisers, Hard-Headed Girls and Hold in place scenes in between and beginning of fight scenes.

It that's vague, then I'll add.

Bruiser Girls are a type of fictional characters in a action/martial arts/Superhero context, where a female character is pretty much the character that makes the dents, so to speak.

Backgrounds don't mind much. Gymnast, Karate, Ninja, Soldier, Superheroine (or any number of combinations of the five)

Hard-Headed Girls. I like it when Bruiser Girls get overwhelmed yet somehow overcome, or just survive the beating. Seeing an action-girl overcoming suicidal odds, bloody and all, just brings me the ultimate satisfaction. (Oh, I don't like vore or whatever they call it. Cuts and bruises are fine but chopped limbs and guts splattered everywhere makes me want to go vegan for the weekend.)I like face hitting, something about the movement of the face and the neck and the grunts that get to me.

I don't like easy damsels, or damsels in general, unless it was not an easy catch *wink wink*, then I'll take a peak.

Oh, and, Hold in place. Someone grabbing her from behind, two people holding each arm, holding her in place for a few face hits, then uses her legs to escape. You get the drill.

I've always been into females with strong roles to play. Just someone who can take a beating and keep on ticking to the bitter end, and succeed or survive, somehow.

Yeah, not sure if there are any sites devoted to this type of thing, and free of charge, and in english. Or maybe you guys can name films/tv Shows with scenes of that nature.

Oh, and I like sweat, or just been out of the pool/shower scenario. Every hard body contact just gets enhanced.
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